Continue or is this enough? What level is the flood? That you shouldn't drive.

Continue or is this enough? What level is the flood? That you shouldn't drive.

16 November 2023

Continue or is this enough? What level is the flood? That you shouldn't drive.
Every time it rains heavily, there is always a flood. This may be caused by not being able to drain water from the road in time. Which if you really need to drive to get through the flood waters And what level of flooding is this? Which should be fought or not? Let's see!!

1. Water level 5-10 centimeters.
It is the water level that every car can drive through. This is considered a normal water level issue that can be found during rainy weather because the water was not drained in time into the pipes. But you should not use very high speeds when driving. Because it may cause you to lose control because the road is slippery. Or you may encounter a pothole on the road and cause a serious accident.

2. Water level 10-20 centimeters.
Flooding at this level Any car can drive past as well. But there may be the sound of water rippling under the car from small waves. caused by cars driving past For small cars, be especially careful. Because water may get into the car.

3. Water level 20-40 centimeters.
It's the same water level as the doors of almost every sedan. Sedan cars should be avoided because they may cause the car to start having problems. This is because the exhaust pipe is submerged most of the time. General pickup trucks and SUVs can drive through. But you should drive slowly for safety.

4. Water level 40-60 centimeters.
Flood water at this level is dangerous for sedans. It is best to avoid using other roads. As for general pickup trucks, they are starting to be considered to be in the risk group. You can drive, but you should drive slowly. To reduce the occurrence of water waves hitting the car from other cars. And you should turn off the air conditioning while driving. General raised pickup trucks can pass without any problems, but you must drive slowly. And be careful about the waves as well.

5. Water level 60-80 centimeters.
Flood water of this level is dangerous for all types of vehicles. You should avoid using this road. You should absolutely not force yourself to drive in. Because water may flow into the engine room. It can cause the engine to shut down and cause damage to other engine systems. If you have to wade through this level of flooding The driver must have special driving skills. But it is recommended to avoid using other routes instead.

6. Water level 80 centimeters or more.
It is the highest water level that the vehicle can handle. Because the height of 80 cm is the height of the car hood that can completely cover the headlights. flooding the engine Flooded into the car and may cause damage to the electrical system. It is not recommended to drive. For the safety of the car and the driver.
Of course, if you need to drive through flood water then Don't forget to get car insurance 2+ 3+ that provides flood protection, peace of mind for your car, peace of mind for you and yours.

Information from: Department of Land Transport